Monday, June 12, 2006

Q: Is our government still a democracy?

Dan W:
It never was - It is a representative free Republic

Our nation (the USA) was created as a Constitutionally Limited Representative Republic. Today it is much more of a Democracy.

In a Republic the rights of the minority are protected from the whims of the majority. In a Democracy it is mob rule.

In theory, yes. We elect officials to represent us in Washington. The question is, when they get there, do they represent us, or are they representing other interests (lobbyists, their party, etc.)?

Have you ever tried to talk to your representative? I have. The closest I got was his office clerk, even though he was in his office.

edit:The United States is a republic. Our form of government is called a representative democracy. Did any of you go to high school civics class? Magic Gatherer
gives a pretty good history lesson for those who missed that class. But the question is about the government, not the country.

In a "true democracy", every issue is voted on by every citizen. In a representative democracy, the representative elect people to vote on issues, cutting out the "common people" from matters of state.

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