Friday, October 10, 2008

TV Rules For Democracy to Rule

Television is the most powerful means of mass communication worldwide at present. And, how many of us are actually addicted to it? Most children and teenagers are, as intended by those who use it to influence all of us.

Look at the children of today. Most of them live their lives according to what they see on TV, and they will swear by it. To them it is the ultimate Gospel Truth, you almost dare not challenge it. And, many of them battle to read and cannot write or spell properly, if at all. Hello, does this touch you at all?

Fortunately I grew up without TV, it only came out in South Africa in 1975/76 when I was already twenty four years old. So it hasn't affected me as it has millions of other people. And, believe me, many people of my age and older are as addicted as other victims are. I feel for you all very deeply, hopefully the truth will set you free.

Television dictates the trends that we live our lives to. Female, black and disabled bosses & supervisors are much more prevalent today as compared to the past everywhere. Don't get me wrong, some of this is good. But this is only one small example of the means used by "the powers that be" to change the mindset of the world population.

But it's as designed by these powers, who-ever they may be, the USA, UN, NATO, Hong Kong, The Vatican, who-ever. This global power instructs its fledgling governments what is required to further global domination through democracy, and the mindset is spread through television & cinematic stories until the virtual world materializes. And then the lifestyle is set in the minds of the people of the new "democratic" world. No wonder we have "designer crime" and "designer wars".

Have you noticed, by way of radio & TV advertising, that the simple toothbrush has been extensively researched for the past forty years (Of my life anyway)? Every time a new toothbrush is released to the market one hears the same thing, "after years of extensive research & laboratory testing, the latest "GUMBOIL" toothbrush has been manufactured and will be released to the world next week".

Wow, this sounds exciting & I'll just have to buy one for each of my family members.

Do we all fall into this trap so easily, like lambs led to the slaughter?

This is simply advertising cow dung that you & I pay for every time we buy a new toothbrush, not to mention all the other products we buy daily & monthly, thus paying for advertising & marketing. We pay far too much for everything we buy, and then we have to see & hear all the adverts on TV as well, and pay for them. Are we crazy, or what?

It is absolutely mind-boggling, isn't it? We pay for the advertisements ourselves. I sometimes wonder to what extent we've been had and, unfortunately, we've hardly taken any notice of it. We just press on ahead, living our "normal lives", blindfolded and believing that everything is fine.

But we are the other party in the economic system, the consumer. The capitalist, or any other system, would emphatically not function without us. We do have a choice? We are free to choose, a basic democratic right.

It is actually a case of consumer rules. If we boycott the retail system until the retailers meet our pricing standards, the monopolies would have to comply or shut down. As long as our pricing standards are set within reason I believe this will work.

Why don't we do it?

With love we are strong, the energy will flow freely for us all.

Vaughan A Jones
Accountant, musician, composer, author and a soulful thinker.

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