Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How Informed a Voter Are You?

I have always prided myself on being an informed voter. I watch the primaries before and after voting has already taken place in my own state. It has always amazed me how a station can project a winner minutes after the polls have closed and with a few exceptions are correct.

I was watching the results of the Indiana and North Carolina elections last night and the victory speeches of both candidates. I have watched the pundits for what seems like years now saying it is impossible for Hillary to overtake Obama and asking why she keeps staying in. Neither one can win enough delegates to win the nomination so it is going to come down to the "super delegates". First of all, this is a totally ridiculous system to my thinking. I think the electoral college itself is a joke. Anyway, the Fox Channel is interviewing Rep. Brad Miller of North Carolina who is an uncomfirmed super delegate asking him if he has decided. He says that he hasn't because he is going over the data from the precincts and counties in his state before he reaches a decision. At the time, Obama has already been declared the winner and is leading by over 25 points. He wound up winning by 14. Does anyone else look at Rep. Miller and question I wonder why our government doesn't work?

Another thing that made me go hmmm was watching the exit poll questions and percentages. Over 60% of both Indiana and North Carolina voters thought both Obama and Clinton were honest. I must have missed something somewhere. Less than a month ago, Hillary stated she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire which was proven visually that was wrong. Obama sat in the pew of his church listening to a minister spew hate rhetoric but never heard it. Yet, over 60% of the voters in these 2 states think they are honest. I realize none of us are perfect but how can any reasonably intelligent, rational, logical person think they are honest? Are they saying they are honest most of the time? I don't understand that premise.

I think it is great that record numbers of people are registering and subsequently voting in the primaries, but I wonder and yes question how truly informed they are. Are they making their choice based on a campaign worker knocking on their door giving them some signs and pins and driving them to the registration place? Based on the answers given in exit polls it sure does seem that way

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